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New: Hooded Long Cloak フード付きロングマント BZ2113.






Made a thing.

She’s got something for me.

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It is been a long time coming… almost there.

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"Can I roll Sense Motive on the cookies?"

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Evolution of the Desk (1980-2014)

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Pabu, the Acrobatic Cat

Pabu: Jump!  Jump!  Double-jump!


Press Release: Blazing Perdition ver. E in Development, Legion Campaign to Start in November

Bushiroad’s most recent press release has announced the launch of the Legion Campaign from November 21st to February 28th. Believed to comprise the promo cards that in Japan were distributed as part of the Summer Legion Festival, the Legion Campaign in the west will come in the form of promotional booster packs called “Legion Packs” containing one of six Legion pairs, which will be handed out with every five booster packs purchased from an officially supported card shop. A Legion Pack can also be received with every purchase of a trial deck. The start of the Legion Campaign coincides happily with the five simultaneous releases taking place on November 21st, which will see the introduction of three new trial decks Seeker of Hope, Liberator of the Bluish Flames and Will of the Locked Dragon. As it is customary for cardfighters to buy four copies of a trial deck in order to get a full playset of its exclusive cards, the Legion Packs work well with the community’s existing practices, and provide incentives for players to support their local stores rather than turn to Walmart or web dealers.

Cardfighters participating in weekly shop tournaments between December 2014 and February 2015 will also receive a Legion Revival promotional card alongside the standard promo packs. While the Legion Campaign is thought to consist of the Summer Legion Festival cards, the Legion Revival is inferred to contain the cards from the Japanese Grade 3 Revival Campaign. The Revival Campaign is an ongoing project to bring back old grade 3 cards from 2011 and 2012 by making them the mates of a new Legion unit with an appropriate skill. So far it includes the Legion pairs Oohirume and CEO Amaterasu for Oracle Think Tank, Droite and Riviere for Bermuda Triangle, Ezer and Alfred for Royal Paladin, and an as-of-yet unrevealed Legion for the Dimension Police’s Great Daiyusha.

The Legion Campaign can be expected to have the bigger impact; Bushiroad international has specified that six Legion pairs will be available from the packs, suggesting a total set size of 12 cards for the promo pack. The exact contents are speculated to be the Cracking Beast Tamer and Barking Sky Tiger Legion for Pale Moon, the Holy Edge and Overdose Celestials for Angel Feather, Light Saver and Light Blaze Dragon for Royal Paladin, Kuzunoha and Seimei for Nubatama, Researcher Fox and Tester Fox for Great Nature, and Machining Hornet and Tarantula mkII for Megacolony.

The press release also hinted at the coming of VGE-BT17: Blazing Perdition ver. E for the English-language format, following up on the announcements regarding BT16’s consolidating of Japanese booster sets for its English edition. That announcement made waves for revealing that the grade 4 Stride unit Harmonics Messiah will be released as a promo for the set. Like Legion of Dragons & Blades before it, BT17 ver. E will contain cards from multiple sets, but the exact sets included have not been specified. The full press release is posted below.

The following is a press release distributed by Bushiroad USA and may not reflect the views or opinions of Cardfight Pro or its editors.

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